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  • Hollywood In Vienna - The World Of James Horner

    Hollywood In Vienna: The World Of James Horner

    2013 - 93 mn - Autriche

Réalisateurs :

Acteurs : David Newman, James Horner, Deborah Cox

Synopsis :
On the first anniversary of James Horner’s tragic death, we celebrate the legendary composer’s greatest film scores with this Deluxe Blu-ray concert. James called this 2013 concert the “most special moment” of his life. David Newman conducts an orchestra and choir in performances of suites from Titanic, Avatar, A Beautiful Mind, Braveheart and more!

Bonus :
- Symposium with James Horner discussing his career and creative process with film music producer Robert Townson (75")
- Photo gallery

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Audio : DTSHD-MA5.1 Musique, PCM2.0 Musique
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