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  • Animaniacs - Volume 3

    Animaniacs: Volume 3

    Série d'animation
    1995 - 750 mn - USA

Réalisateurs : Tom Ruegger

Acteurs :

Synopsis :
Dot, Yakko, Wakko... uh-oh! Those rambunctious rascals of riot, those slaphappy siblings of siliness, those Warner wild-things of wackiness, those - well, you get the idea - are back (and they're bringing pals like Slappy the Squirrel with them) as they roar through 25 new-on DVD episodes like someone poured habañero hot sauce on their brains. Back, too, is Animaniac's ready-fire-aim sense of comedy. In Vol. 3's 5 discs, you'll find literary lampoons, political jabs, cultural sendups, movie parodies, zany songs and much more - all on target (and dead-on funny). Watch. Laugh out loud. Sing along if you must. Just don't blame us if the neighbors come knocking.

Bonus :
They can't help it if they're cute, they're just drawn that way: Meet the character designers, storyboard artists and art directors who give life and lunacy to Wakko, Yakko and Dot
They're totally insane-y in cadence with Richard Stone: The music of Animaniacs, highlighted by a tribute to the late composer

Commentaires :
DVD import US mentionné comme Zone 1 mais non zoné.

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Audio : DD5.1 Anglais, DD2.0 Anglais
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