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  • Tomorrow Land: Walt Disney Treasures Limited Edition Tin

    Tomorrow Land: Walt Disney Treasures Limited Edition Tin

    Animation / Cartoons
    2004 - 240 mn - USA

Réalisateurs : Walt Disney

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Synopsis :
Walt Disney was a true visionary and his most far-reaching vision examined the future. During the 1950s his investigation into space exploration and the wondrous opportunities and challenges of space travel not only came alive in several Disneyland TV shows, but helped create strong public support for The United Stated space program.

Go back in time to the beginning of the future and enjoy four episodes and a theatrical short that delve into the mysteries of the universe of space travel - Man In Space, Man And the Moon, Mars and Beyond, Eyes in Outer Space and Our Friend that Atom. You'll also get a rare look at Walt's last film Epcot, in which he reveals his concepts and plans for the Disney World and EPCOT projects. Other not-to-be-missed features include a special interview with noted futurist and author Ray Bradbury.

Bonus :
The Optimistic Futurist: Maltin meets with author Ray Bradbury on Walt and his creations. Bradbury discusses Disney's optimism, his vision, and his achievements in television and parks.

Marty Sklar, Walt and EPCOT: Maltin interviews Marty Sklar, a longtime Disney employee and Vice President of Walt Disney Imagineering. Sklar discusses Walt as a visionary, plus "Tomorrowland" the program and the section at Disneyland, especially the latter, since Sklar seems to practically be an authority on Disney parks.

Publicity and Publication Gallery: This gallery contains ad materials for "Man In Space"'s theatrical release as a featurette (it accompanied Davy Crockett and the River Pirates), plus Disney's high-class companion books to the series.

Behind the Scenes Gallery: This gallery shows off pictures of the creative talent behind the Tomorrowland programs.

Story and Background Art Gallery: This gallery contains stills, TV storyboards and conceptual art from Man In Space, Man and the Moon and Mars and Beyond.

The Sherman Brothers Performing "There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow": Easter egg bonus begins by showing Richard and Robert Sherman performing the song with Walt himself. Walt then addresses the recipients of the song, the General Electric Pavilion at the 1964

New York World's Fair. To access, go to the Bonus Features menu and select the red horseshoe-shaped object near the bottom of the screen.

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