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  • Looney Tunes - Platinum Collection - Volume deux

    Looney Tunes - Platinum Collection - Volume Zwei

    Animation / Cartoons
    2012 - 412 mn - USA

Réalisateurs : Chuck Jones, Bob Clampett, Friz Freleng, Robert McKimson, Tex Avery, Arthur Davis, Ben Hardaway, Cal Dalton

Acteurs : Mel Blanc

Synopsis :
Retrouvez 50 des meilleurs épisodes des Looney Tunes…

Bonus :
Man from Wackyland: The Art of Bob Clampett
Bosko, Buddy, and the Best of Black and White
Leon Schlesinger: The Merrie Cartoon Mogul (provided in HD)
Audio commentaries
Forever Befuddled
A-Hunting We Will Go: Chuck Jones' Wabbit Season Twilogy
Looney Tunes Goes Hollywood
A Conversation with Tex Avery
Looney Tunes Go to War!
King-Size Comedy: Tex Avery and the Looney Tunes Revolution
Tex Avery, the King of Cartoons
Friz on Film
ToonHeads: The Lost Cartoons
Real American Zero: The Adventures of Private Snafu

The World of Leon Schlesinger : 4 cartoons
Friz at MGM - Captain and the Kids cartoons : 5 cartoons
The Best of the Rest of Tex - a selection of Tex Avery's best cartoons from MGM : 11 cartoons
Private Snafu cartoons : 8 cartoons
Mr. Hook cartoons : 3 cartoons

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