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  • Looney Tunes - Platinum Collection - Volume un

    Looney Tunes - Platinum Collection: Volume One

    Animation / Cartoons
    2011 - 357 mn - USA

Réalisateurs : Chuck Jones, Robert McKimson, Bob Clampett, Friz Freleng, Tex Avery, Cal Dalton, Arthur Davis, Cal Howard, Abe Levitow

Acteurs : Mel Blanc

Synopsis :
Retrouvez 50 des meilleurs épisodes des Looney Tunes…

Bonus :
- Audio Commentaries (Discs 1-2): Twenty-three audio commentaries can be found on Disc One alone: "Baseball Bugs" with director Eric Goldberg, "Buccaneer Bunny" with Goldberg, "The Old Grey Hare" with filmmaker Greg Ford, "Rabbit Hood" with Goldberg, "8 Ball Bunny" with historian Jerry Beck, "Rabbit of Seville" with Goldberg, "What's Opera Doc?" with director Chuck Jones, writer Michael Maltese and layout artist Maurice Noble, "What's Opera Doc?" with historian Daniel Goldmark, "The Great Piggy Bank Robbery" with directors John Kricfalusi and Bob Clampett, "A Pest in the House" with writer Paul Dini, "The Scarlett Pumpernickel" with historian Michael Barrier and voice actor Mel Blanc, "Duck Amuck" with Jones and Barrier, "Robin Hood Daffy" with Goldberg, "Baby Bottleneck" with Barrier and Clampett, "Kitty Kornered" with Barrier, "Scaredy Cat" with Goldberg, "Old Glory" with Beck and ink-and-paint girl Martha Sigall, "A Tale of Two Kitties" with Barrier and Clampett, "Tweetie Pie" with Ford and director Friz Freleng, "Fast and Furry-ous" with Barrier, Maltese and sound editor Treg Brown, "Beep Beep" with Barrier, "For Scent-imental Reasons" with Barrier and Maltese, and "Speedy Gonzales" with Beck.
Fourteen additional commentaries can be found on Disc Two (for a grand total of thirty-seven tracks): "One Froggy Evening" with Barrier, Jones, Maltese, Noble and layout artist Corny Cole, "The Three Little Bops" with Beck and voice actor Stan Freberg, "I Love to Singa" with Goldberg, "The Dover Boys at Pimento University" with Barrier, layout artist John McGrew and background artists Paul Julian and Gene Fleury, "Chow Hound" with Goldberg, "Haredevil Hare" with Barrier and background artist Pete Alvarado, "Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2th Century" with Barrier and Noble, "Devil May Hare" with Beck, "Bewitched Bunny" with Goldberg, "Broom-Stick Bunny" with voice actor June Foray, "Feed the Kitty" with Ford, "From A to Z-Z-Z-Z" with author Amid Amidi, "From A to Z-Z-Z-Z" with Goldberg, and "Boyhood Daze" with Goldberg. Whew.

- Alternate Audio Programs (Discs 1-2): Music-Only Tracks are available for "What's Opera Doc?," "The Scarlet Pumpernickel," "Duck Amuck," "Robin Hood Daffy," "Speedy Gonzales," "One Froggy Evening," "The Three Little Bops," "Hare-Way to the Stars," "Ducking the Devil," A Witch's Tangled Hare," "Feed the Kitty" and "Boyhood Daze." Music and Effects Tracks are available for "Bewitched Bunny," "Broom-Stick Bunny," and "Feline Frame-Up." And, for a real treat, candid Vocal Tracks are available for "The Three Little Bops" with voice actor Stan Freberg and for "What's Opera Doc?" with voice actors Mel Blanc and Arthur Q. Bryan, complete with studio chatter and between-the-lines conversations, self-critiques and direction.

- Behind the Tunes (Discs 1-2, HD/SD, 95 minutes): Also on tap (as if there weren't enough already) are eleven behind-the-scenes featurettes. Eight are presented in SD: "Wagnerian Wabbit: The Making of What's Opera Doc?," "Twilight in Tunes: The Music of Raymond Scott," "Powerhouse in Pictures," "Putty Problems and Canary Rows," "A Chuck Jones Tutorial: Tricks of the Cartoon Trade," "The Charm of Stink: On the Scent of Pepe Le Pew," "It Hopped One Night: The Story Behind One Froggy Evening" and "Wacky Warner One-Shots." And three are presented in HD: "Mars Attacks! Life on the Red Planet with My Favorite Martian" "Razzma-Taz: Giving the Tasmanian Devil His Due" and "The Ralph Phillips Story: Living the American Daydream."

- A Greeting from Chuck Jones (Disc 3, SD, 4 minutes): Jones opens the set's third disc with a carefully prepared introduction, reflecting on the classic characters, unforgettable shorts, laughs and legacy of Looney Tunes.

- Documentaries (Disc 3, SD, 162 minutes): "Chuck Amuck: The Movie," a 51-minute 1991 Chuck Jones documentary from writer John Needham; "Chuck Jones: Extremes & In-Betweens, a Life in Animation," an 85-minute history of Jones' career, his foray into animation and his groundbreaking Looney Tunes work; and "Chuck Jones: Memories of Childhood," a more personal 26-minute doc by Peggy Stern that traces the origins of Looney Tunes all the way back to Jones' early years, dreams and inspirations.

- The Animated World of Chuck Jones (Disc 3, HD/SD, 86 minutes): An assortment of Jones-animated odds, ends and obscure little gems, many of them political in nature: "Point Rationing of Foods," "Hell-Bent for Election," "So Much for So Little," "Orange Blossoms for Violet" (the lone live-action short in the bunch), "A Hitch in Time," "90 Day Wondering," "The Dot and the Line: A Romance in Lower Mathematics," "The Bear That Wasn't" and "Drafty, Isn't It?"

- Bonus Cartoons (Disc 3, HD/SD, 72 minutes): Fifty Looney Tunes shorts not enough for you? Disc Three offers nine bonus cartoons: "Fright Before Christmas" from Bugs Bunny's Looney Christmas Tales, "Spaced-Out Bunny" from Bugs Bunny's Bustin' Out All Over, "Duck Dodgers and the Return of the 24 1/2th Century" from Daffy Duck's Thanks-For-Giving Special, "Another Froggy Evening," "Marvin the Martian in the Third Dimension," "Superior Duck," "From Hare to Eternity," "Father of the Bird" and "Museum Scream." Only "Museum Scream" is presented in high definition, though.

- How the Grinch Stole Christmas Pencil Test (Disc 3, SD, 7 minutes): Rare work-reel footage from Jones' Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas. It seems out of place, but its inclusion is still appreciated.

- The Door (Disc 3, HD, 7 minutes): An animation/live-action hybrid short from 1968 that features two Native Americans and a healthy dose of none-too-subtle social commentary.

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