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  • Minus et Cortex - Volume 1

    Pinky and the Brain: Volume 1

    Série d'animation
    1995 - 471 mn - USA

Réalisateurs : Tom Ruegger

Acteurs : Maurice LaMarche, Rob Paulsen

Synopsis :
The names of great conquerors are few and fearsome. Attila the Hun. Genghis Khan. That guy whose fists you attacked with your face in the fifth grade. And now two more: Pinky & The Brain are the names. World domination is the aim. The two genetically Acme Labs mice began 'toon life in supporting segments on Animaniacs. But humble origins could not keep these wannabe rulers from landing their own show. Today, TV. Tomorrow, the world. With a persistence even Wile E. Coyote would admire, methodical Brain and no-brainer sidekick Pinky execute one flawed, gadget-driven scheme after another. Are you pondering what I'm pondering, Brain asks. With these 22 specially chosen episodes from the show's 1995-98 run, you'll be laughing more than pondering.

Bonus :
Featurette with the voices of Pinky & The Brain stars Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche, and voice director Andrea Romano

Commentaires :
Import US Zone 1.

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Support : DVD
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Zone : 1

Langues : Anglais, Portugais
Sous-titres : Français, Portugais, Espagnol
Audio : DD5.1 Anglais, DD2.0 Anglais, DD1.0 Portugais
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