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  • Minus et Cortex - Volume 3

    Pinky and the Brain: Volume 3

    Série d'animation
    1997 - 470 mn - USA

Réalisateurs : Tom Ruegger

Acteurs : Maurice LaMarche, Rob Paulsen

Synopsis :
This is it, end of the line; the fat lady is warmed up and ready to sing. It's the last dance, the last roundup, the last train to a place called Clarksville. Pinky and The Brain Volume 3 - 4 discs and 22 world-conquering, never-before-on-DVD episodes strong - is the last release in the series. But never fear, fans of megalomaniac merriment. Because the two genetically warped lab mice ("One is a genius, the other's insane") are going out in one hilarious, glorious, gadget- and genius-filled scheme after another. It's a big world. Somebody's got to run it. Are you pondering what I'm pondering?

Bonus :
It's all about the Fans: Rob Paulsen (voix de Minus) et Maurice LaMarche (voix de Cortex) rendent hommage aux fans.

Commentaires :
Import US Zone 1.

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Zone : 1

Langues : Anglais
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Audio : DD5.1 Anglais, DD2.0 Anglais
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