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  • Les Contes de la Crypte - Saison 2

    Tales From The Crypt: The Complete Second Season

    1990 - 486 mn - USA

Réalisateurs : Arnold Schwarzenegger, Richard Donner, Tom Holland, Walter Hill

Acteurs : Bobcat Goldthwait, Harry Anderson, Teri Hatcher, Don Rickles, Patricia Arquette, Kelly Preston, Demi Moore, Lance Henriksen, Jessica Harper

Synopsis :
Welcome, fiends. Back for more deadtime stories, hmm? Then settle in with these devious die-monds of die-abolical delight - all 18 uncut (but variously stabbed, electro-volted, haunted, twisted, incarcerated, incarnated, voodoo-ized and even vampirized) episodes from two-riffic Season 2 of Tales from the Crypt!
The Cryptkeeper is again your gleefully macabre host for a frightfest of classic E.C. Comics stories involving a for-the-money honey (Demi Moore) hoping for a big, fat inheritance; a cartoonist (Harry Anderson) whose creations come to life (and death); a ventriloquist (Don Rickles) and an idolizing wannabe (Bobcat Goldthwait); and poker players for whom a losing hand could mean exactly that. Ante up for these and more tales. We think you'll agree they're absolute monsterpieces.

Bonus :
Behind-the-Screams Shockumentary Featurette
Fright and Sound: Bringing the Crypt Experience to Radio

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Langues : Anglais
Sous-titres : Français, Anglais, Espagnol
Audio : Anglais DD 2.0
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