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  • Jerry Goldsmith 80th Birthday Tribute Concert

    Jerry Goldsmith 80th Birthday Tribute Concert

    2011 - 90 mn - Espagne

Réalisateurs : Robert Townson

Acteurs : Tenerife Film Orchestra & Choir

Synopsis :
July of 2009 marked the 5th anniversary of Jerry Goldsmith's passing, but the closing night gala of Fimucité 3 was a celebration. February 10, 2009 would have been Jerry's 80th birthday and Tenerife's annual summer festival seemed the perfect place to celebrate and pay tribute to film music's legendary maestro. With Mrs. Carol Goldsmith in attendance, conductors Mark Snow and Diego Navarro led the Tenerife Film Orchestra and Choir in this thrilling concert. Robert Townson focused on Goldsmith's music for science fiction and horror films in his program for the evening and included such classics as Star Trek: First Contact, Planet Of The Apes, Poltergeist, Gremlins, The Omen, and The Final Conflict, among others. This 2-disc set presents both a DVD of the historic concert as well as an audio-only CD of the music in best-possible sound.

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Commentaires :
CD audio du concert inclus avec le DVD.

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