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  • Les Tiny Toons - Saison 1, Volume 2

    Tiny Toon Adventures: Season 1 - Volume 2

    Série d'animation
    1990 - 646 mn - USA

Réalisateurs : Tom Ruegger

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Synopsis :
Welcome back, Toonatics, for another advanced degree in cartoon craziness from Acme Looniversity: 30 Season One episodes that include a loopy look at Acme students who get a hire education by seeking part-time jobs. Yes, it's pun for all and all for fun and - woohoo! - there's a lot of fun here. A miniaturized Babs and Buster tour Plucky's brain (yes, thank you, he has one). Game-show bachelors Hamton, Plucky and Montana Max woo (un)lucky bachelorette Elmyra. Waiter Plucky - what's up, Duck? - takes an order for duck a l'orange. And various Toonsters battle monsters, solve mysteries, rock out in music videos, roll back to prehysteric prehistory and much more. As the Tiny Toon Adventures tune says: Come and join the fun!

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Commentaires :
DVD import US mentionné comme Zone 1 mais non zoné.

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Support : DVD
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Zone : All

Langues : Français, Anglais, Portugais
Sous-titres : Anglais
Audio : Français DD1.0, Anglais DD5.1, Anglais DD2.0, Portugais DD1.0
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